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  • Delwar Jahid, S. · Commissioner of Oath in & for the Province of Alberta and Saskachewan
  •  Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta (BHESA) · Promoter of Bangladeshi Culture and Heritage in and around Edmonton
  • Bangladesh PressClub Centre of Alberta (BPCA) · Professional Forum for Journalists and Media Associates
  • A Conceptual Perspective of Conflict Management, Book by Delwar Jahid
  • Mahinur Jahid Memorial Foundation (MJMF) · Supporter of Bangladeshi and Canadian Youth
  • Celebration of Mother Language, Culture and Heritage at
  • Shores Canada Ltd. · The producer of classic and online media  with a slightly different touch.
  • Asian News and Views · Bengali online news magazine

Country News

Alberta, Canada (August 17, 2014): The Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta (BHESA) celebrates its Children Festival 2014 in the town of Devon with great enthusiasm on August 16. BHESA hosted the festival with various programs, for the children, youth and adults.

The Festival was inaugurated by BHESA President, Delwar Jahid while Devon Municipality Councilor Tanya Hugh representing the Mayor attended the event as Chief Guest  and advisor of BHESA , also a language movement hero of 1952 Mohammad Siddique Hossain, Professor (retired) Ehtesham, former lawyer of Dhaka Bar M Abdul Ali was present as guest of honor.

The children's festival was for the expatriate Bangladeshi community living in Alberta, with sportive activities, competitions, games, ethnic food and lots of fun. Children Race/Run 1st Sahrin, Shriya 2nd and 3rd Nashawon, 2nd Group: Sukanya 1st. Second Druba, 3rd Jenefer. 100 meter race 1st Anonaya and 2nd Ogri. Youth Race: 100 Meter: 1st Masud, 2nd Sarwar, and 3rd Anam. Women Musical Pillow: 1st Lutfunnessa, 2nd Tonni and 3rd Mrs. Masud.

The Chief Guest distributed the prizes among the children and spoke on the occasion.